Updating your Sage Construct validation dates after the 31st December 2020

Posted: Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Author: Darren Posnack

Since the new CIS scheme was introduced in 2007, any user of Sage/ Eque2’s “Construction for Sage 50/ Sage 200 Accounts” software will be aware that when verifying subcontractors, the “valid to” date always defaults to 31st December 2020. The same applies when carrying out postings to the accounting system, updating payments and running certain reports.

So, what happens once we pass this date?

Dates can of course be manually amended. However, for anyone using Construct V24 or later (if you have upgraded within the last year, then you will be), these dates will now automatically default to 31st December 2025 when adding new subcontractors.

Please be aware however, that even in these newer versions, any existing subcontractors will still show a ‘verified to date’ of 31st December 2020, and this will need to be manually amended.

If you need any assistance with amending these dates, or would like to discuss upgrading your software, please contact Utilize Service ( or your Construct support.

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