The benefits of Sage 200cloud Professional

By Zaid Rehman


The benefits of Sage 200cloud Professional

The start of 2020 saw the enforced period of lockdown and remote working. This caught many businesses off-guard and many employees weren’t equipped to work from home. A lack of suitable technology meant that remote workers did not have access to applications, data or the communication tools in place to facilitate business continuity.

Throughout this difficult period, many valuable lessons were learned regarding technology and, specifically the need for Cloud-based accounting and business applications. The way companies do business has changed and our flexible cloud services will allow businesses to flourish in the new cloud computing era.

There are many benefits of doing business in the cloud.

1. Mobile access at any time.
Wherever you are, you can always check on the status of your business.

With Sage 200 Cloud Professional, accounts and key financial figures can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Data and records are all safely encrypted and stored on a cloud server. Simply log in and work from your web browser, wherever you have Wi-Fi and an Internet connection.

2. A cost and time-effective solution

Working online reduces your IT costs and saves you time by keeping you constantly connected to the business.

Cloud accounting is entirely online. There is no costly IT infrastructure to maintain. You can access the software from anywhere and rather than having to wait to get back to the office, you can immediately approve payments, or send out invoices to customers, saving you time and making your financial processes far more efficient.

3. Robust security and back-ups

All your data is held on a platform such as a private cloud or Amazon, however we suggest the Microsoft Azure platform as Microsoft has taken major steps toward ensuring high levels of security within their cloud environment. Your work is also saved automatically as you go, saving both time and money on tedious back-up procedures.

4. Share and collaborate with ease

With a system like Sage 200 Cloud Professional, multiple stakeholders can access the same documents and files – instantly, from any geographical location. Collaboration is as easy as picking up the phone and logging in to Sage 200 Cloud.

5. Reduce paper and become more environmentally friendly

Significantly reduce your reliance on paperwork. Documents can be emailed out and to remove the costs of printing and postage – this also helps speed up payments through integration with payment gateways. Incoming bills and receipts can be scanned and saved directly with the associated transactions. And because your documents are all digitised and stored in the cloud, there is no need to keep the paper originals – saving on filing space and storage costs.

6. Better control of your financial processes and reporting

Gain efficiencies with greatly improved control over your core financial processes, a better view of expected income, an overview of outstanding debts, and an instant breakdown of profitability.

Our partnerships with Microsoft, Sage and Sicon allow us to provide our clients with Cloud and software solutions that have helped their businesses become more efficient and more productive.

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