Leveraging the full value of Microsoft 365 for your business.

By Darren Bartlett


As businesses have adapted and changed over the last two years, one thing has become more apparent – flexible working is now a standard, not a luxury. For most businesses, offering a form of remote/work-from-home option is important if they want to attract new talent and retain their current workforce.

When we add into the equation looming transport strikes, recent weather problems and the rise in the cost of travel, it becomes apparent that flexible working also provide resilience to a business. Being prepared and equipped to work remotely, especially when a situation arises unexpectedly, will allow your business to operate in any circumstance.

Enabling your employees to work remotely brings with it some serious considerations, such as questioning how secure your remote workers’ devices and connections are. Are they updating their devices with the latest software and patches? How do you ensure that your corporate data remains secure when devices and users are remote?

Increasingly businesses are utilising contractors, temporary staff, consultants and other ‘non-core’ team members who require access to their data on a device that isn’t owned by their business. How do you manage that challenge? These are considerations that businesses must tackle now, often for the first time and with no real idea where to start.

Luckily, there are many fantastic features and capabilities already available to most businesses included with their Microsoft 365 subscription. Something they already pay for but perhaps haven’t unlocked the full potential of.

It never ceases to surprise me that when we engage with a new client, they have not always had these benefits explained.

Imagine, for example, being able to manage end-user devices automatically, roll out updates and new applications and ensure that packs and patches are installed. Add to that the ability to control what happens with your business data, so that those remote or non-core users can’t accidentally email your confidential pricing to a client, copy it into their private storage like Dropbox, or even forward or print your confidential information.

That is the kind of control that can be implemented with ease, possibly already available to you with the licenses you already own.

As part of our Ascend offering, these features and many others can be mapped onto a bespoke business strategy, then delivered and implemented with minimal fuss and no large capital outlay. All of which are major business benefits in our current economic choppy waters.

Why not book an exploratory call so our team can look at what is achievable with the tools your business may already have at its disposal?

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