UK is the most targeted country in Europe by Cybercriminals, but companies aren’t feeling the threat!

Posted: Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Author: Rob Ward

One of the big messages UK companies need to take onboard is that no one is safe. Even companies with the most sophisticated Cybersecurity programmes are getting breached. The Cybersecurity threat is also evolving with cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated in their approaches.

The latest data suggests that companies in the UK need to be especially vigilant and on-top of their Cybersecurity technology and business processes, as its clear from the numbers that the UK is the No.1 target for cybercrime activity in Europe.

  • 43% of all ‘Malware’ attacks in Europe targeted the UK
  • 25% of all ‘Intrusion’ attacks in Europe again targeted the UK
  • 69% of all ‘Ransomware’ attacks in Europe targeted the UK

It is clear from the numbers that the UK was the top target for criminal activity by some margin from any other country.

If you look at ransomware, 69% of all attacks is a scarily high percentage suggesting Cybercriminals see UK companies as rich picking for their activities and security is seen as vulnerable enough for companies to regularly fall prey.

With 30% of companies globally reporting a breach this year, it’s clear that no organisation is immune from data security threats. Given the numbers, UK companies need to be doing much more to protect themselves from these very real threats.

To understand more about just how targeted UK companies are, and to find out about the fastest growing areas that cybercriminals are exploiting to gain access to your networks, view our easy to digest infographic here.

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