Imagine touching the closed lid of your device to power it up – or the arm of your sofa to access your emails…

Posted: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Author: Rob Ward

This future may not be that far away as Microsoft has recently applied for a patent on “smart fabrics” that will allow you to interact with devices in many different ways. Microsoft believes it will have wide-ranging application, from tablets and laptops, to wearables including clothes, smart watches, heart rate sensors and most interestingly, furniture.

Tech experts have read the patent application and determined that this it involves touch sensors being integrated into fabrics, thus turning a surface into an input device. So, there is no longer any need for a track pad as you could simply roll your finger over the lid of the tablet; or touch the muffler part of your headphone to change the volume or track, without having to access a phone or laptop.

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