IOT devices are becoming a new UK security threat!

Posted: Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Author: Rob Ward

Malware attacks, Intrusion attacks, Ransomware attacks – the UK is now the top target for Cybercriminals across the whole of Europe, and the cyber security risks are continuing to increase with new threat vectors on the rise.

Though email still remains the primary threat with the majority of malware infections still starting with a phishing email containing a malicious link, or file attachment, or both – a new growing threat vector to UK business has surfaced. Malware attacks targeting IOT devices are up 145% in 2019 with 16% of all attacks targeting the UK.

With the growing use of smart IOT devices within businesses (there are currently 273+ million IOT devices in the UK with numbers set to more than double by 2023) Cybercriminals have a new way of compromising your business’s network to launch denial-of-service attacks, mine cryptocurrency, steal data, install malicious software taking devices permanently offline and demanding a ransom to restore full functionality.

To understand more about just how targeted UK companies are, and to find out about the fastest growing areas that Cybercriminals are exploiting to gain access to your networks, view our easy to digest infographic here.

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