More than 746,000 NHS phishing emails were blocked in one month (BBC, Feb 2018)

Posted: Friday, December 14, 2018

Author: Rob Ward

Ever since the WannaCry attack last year, the NHS has increased it’s digital security. It had to in light of the number of phishing attacks it is facing and the challenges the 2017 ransomware attack caused when it locked down databases and files. The WannaCry virus that was delivered to the NHS system by phishing emails, tricked recipients into opening attachments and releasing malware onto their system.

Once computers across the NHS were affected, files were locked and encrypted so they could not be accessed without bitcoin payments. Hospitals and GP surgeries across England and Scotland were forced to turn away patients and cancel appointments and staff had to revert to pen and paper and use their personal mobile phones.

Every company and individual in the country is at risk of a phishing attack. Still not convinced it will happen to you?

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