Gone phishing!

Posted: Friday, November 23, 2018

Author: Rob Ward

With the government telling us that 1 in 2 SMEs are likely to experience a phishing attack in the near future, most likely for financial benefit of the hacker, it’s imperative that SMEs implement a robust detection and protection plan in advance. Emails are a necessary part of effective business: we all send attachments and links as part of our daily working practice. We open emails and click on attachments all day, every day yet an increasingly large number of emails are spam or worse, phishing emails.

Phishing (pronounced “fishing”) emails are sent by criminals who want you to click on a link and download code to your computer or give them your personal details. A phishing email is never good and if you respond in any way, the criminal knows that the email address is in “play” and will up their game.

But why would a criminal want to attack your business? According to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, the top reasons are:

  1. To make money either through fraud or selling your personal details onto others
  2. Competitors or foreign governments wanting to steal your corporate intelligence
  3. Hackers who find it fun!
  4. Political or ideological attacks
  5. Employees who do it either accidentally or with malicious intent

Our experts have written a guide to phishing to help SMEs train their staff to spot an attack and to share more about the technology available that will defend your business. Access it here and ensure that your business is safe.

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