Baroque-style map shows the most popular areas of today’s internet

Posted: Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Author: Rob Ward

A free-hand drawn visual representation of the internet has been produced by virtual-cartographer and amateur graphic designer Martin Vargic. Using old National Geographic maps for inspiration, Vargic used data from Alexa to determine the most visited websites in the world. These were then scaled into different land masses.

“My map is divided into two distinct parts,” Vargic explained. “The eastern continent, the Old World, showcases software companies, gaming companies and some of the more real-life oriented websites. The western part, the New World, is composed of two major continents; the northern one showcasing social networks, search websites, video websites, blogs, forums and art websites. All major adult-oriented websites, in addition to various warez and torrent sites, are located on the south-western continent.”

Credit – The Independent

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