Are your employees your weak link?

Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Author: Rob Ward

Do your employees work from home? Are they mobile, moving between clients and accessing information and tools “on-the-go”? Do they have access to your entire network including payment systems and databases?

Did you know that all this makes your employees one of your weakest links when it comes to cyber security?

In recent months, there is a recordable shift to criminals attacking businesses via their employees, probably because network security has become stronger and limits hacker’s access. Employees often choose easy-to-break passwords, inadvertently download malicious files, or even lose laptops or USB sticks containing sensitive information. They also use their personal devices for business or work in an environment littered with internet-connected appliances in their homes or cars. Each of these things could pose a security risk. Do you have the policies and procedures in place to mitigate such an attack?

Want to learn more? Read our latest guide about how we predict criminals will gain access to your business in 2019 – then put the defences in place that will protect you. Can you afford not to?

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