2216 data breaches and more than 53,000 cybersecurity incidents reported

Posted: Friday, January 11, 2019

Author: Rob Ward

In the 12 months until March 2018, 2216 data breaches and more than 53,000 cybersecurity incidents were reported in 65 countries.

We predict that there will be even more attacks in 2019 and this is backed up by most security experts. An ongoing threat is know as an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat), which is when a code is stealthily introduced to your unsuspecting network, usually via malware. The threat sits quietly and undetected, not inflicting any damage, as it steals financial or critical security information such as login credentials. Once it has obtained this form of information, it often moves between connected networks, gathering more information as it goes.

It’s a scary thought that all that proprietary information that sets you apart from your competitors could be stolen by an uncaring criminal that just wants to make money or disrupt your business for political reasons.

To learn more about other predicted cyber threats in 2019, read our latest guide. Then make the time to put your defences in place. This is a time when you need to get prepared for “when” you will be attacked and not question “if” it will happen to you.

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