How to reduce your daily project email deluge and drive employee engagement with Microsoft Teams

Posted: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Author: Rob Ward

Only 1 in 3 business emails is essential for work – a daily email deluge is demoralising and the impact is that people are reluctant to send regular project updates – leading to people being left out of the loop – or emails remaining unopened. This means that team members can miss important information.

The solution? Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and communication application that is fully integrated with Microsoft 365. It’s an online space where all relevant stakeholders can engage on a project or a business-as-usual process, and work in unison to deliver it. It’s practical, it’s intuitive and with Microsoft Teams added features, it drastically improves the relevance of information shared amongst the team.

Overcoming your everyday business challenges

Microsoft Teams enables to you to better deal with the day-to-day business challenges that you face and allows you to regain control of your work flows.

Working from outdated content?

Create a Microsoft Teams channel at the start of each project, so everyone involved has direct access to the latest info, message threads, files and tasks from the outset.

Waiting around on content to move your project forward?

Use the Microsoft Teams channel to share ideas, knowledge and documents, and even delegate tasks.

Away on business, out of reach and out of the loop?

The Microsoft Teams mobile app ensures you are connected from almost anywhere. Stay in communication with colleagues and your projects even on the go – share files, collaborate on documents and join conference calls – all from your smart phone or tablet.

Improve the employee experience and drive engagement

The introduction of new features such as the @mention function can streamline communication within your business. Simply tag an individual, channel name or team name and the message or notification will automatically be sent to the relevant parties who will know that the message is relevant for them. Microsoft Teams also stores the message in the relevant team space too so it can be found quickly and easily. When needed you no longer need to trail through endless emails to find the information you need.

53% of Millennials saying they would be more likely to accept a job if the employer used the same technologies they do outside of work.
Robert Walters Whitepaper

With the addition of its chat and video functions, it’s also fun to use – and that’s before we tell you about the emoticons, emojis and gifs, in fact, all those entertaining elements that keep us hooked to social media in our personal lives. Microsoft Teams is a cohesive yet engaging tool which improves the employee experience and drives user engagement.

A fun feature within Microsoft Teams is the “like” emoji that quickly acknowledges that an email or chat message has been received and the information within it is acceptable. That’s one less email to read, and it’s a fast and fun way of agreeing to a suggestion or idea. We do this in text messages – how useful that we can use it at work too!

To learn more about how Teams can streamline communication and drive employee engagement, read our FREE Guide Here.

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