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At Utilize we understand that every business is unique and every team works in a slightly different way depending on its specific goals.

Efficient and productive teams are ones where distractions are minimised or eradicated, information flows seamlessly and instant communication between one or all team members is enabled wherever they maybe.

Microsoft Teams & SharePoint already provide the platform to enable this ideal scenario in your business - today!

However, in our experience many businesses are either daunted by the prospect of implementing these powerful collaboration tools, so don’t even try them; or have not properly understood their businesses’ and teams' challenges before implementing them. As a result they have failed to reap the full range of benefits that Microsoft Teams & SharePoint can deliver.

Introducing our ‘Microsoft Teamwork Workshop’ consultancy package

At Utilize we can help your business extract the maximum benefit from implementing Microsoft Teams & SharePoint. Our Microsoft Teamwork Workshop will provide you with in-depth consultancy to help simplify the adoption of Microsoft Teams & SharePoint across your business and accelerate your businesses digital transformation.

Our team of expert Microsoft Consultants will bring all of the insights gained from implementing Microsoft Teams & SharePoint within many other businesses to help you identify and successfully address your business specific challenges and achieve real transformational change for your business.

We will help you to identify your key challenges - by working with your businesses stakeholders to gain a detailed understanding of your teams' current working practices, capacity for working together and their flexibility to adapt to changes in these processes.

Using our unique assessment tools designed with Microsoft, we will help you to identify and assess your teams' specific business challenges and aligning these with the features of Microsoft Teams & SharePoint that can resolve them.

We’ll show you what is possible - by planning, developing and deploying a fully working Microsoft Teams & SharePoint pilot programme based on the key business and team challenges identified during the assessments and prioritised by you.

We will empower your business with the knowledge to succeed - by providing an actionable road map to support you in rolling your pilot programme out across your business, along with our toolkit to help you successfully bring your employees and stakeholders across the business fully on board.

If you would like to discuss your business challenges, and see how we can set your business on the road to reaping the benefits of true digital transformation please leave your details using the form below or call us on 01708 330233.

Alternatively, if you want to get more insight into how Microsoft Teams & SharePoint could help your business first, why not book on to one of our popular Free Teamwork & Collaboration Workshops. Places are limited in number, so please book early.

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