Saving time and resources

Our Sage Development Team save time and resources with a new Purchase Transaction Authorisation

As one of the UK’s premier specialist food distributors, this client offers advice on nutrition and menu planning, for exciting, innovative and healthy menus, with a particular focus on healthy eating in the workplace. They are also specialists in ethnic ingredients with an excellent reputation for an extensive range of high-quality authentic products.



  • Existing processes where error prone and consumed a huge amount of time and resources


  • A custom pivot form that extracts data from the SQL


This client provide a rebates contract system for their customers based on sales volume. The contracts have various levels of discount based on a sales category which are accrued monthly to a specific supplier account linked to the category.

The process, involving SQL views, Excel spreadsheets and manual manipulation, was cumbersome and error prone, consuming a huge amount of time and resources.

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“Time processing data is cut from half a day to under one hour and errors are virtually eliminated.”

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