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Here at Utilize, we’ve been living and breathing Teams Live Events during lockdown, and beyond. Weekly companywide updates from our CEO, virtual quizzes, lunch & learn sessions for our staff; you name it, we’re doing it.

We have also been helping our customers to better reach out to their own staff, their own customers and partners, all using the power of Teams.

Many organisations have suffered with engagement and interactive reach during the last few months, whether it be helping to fundraise in the charity sector, showing customers how to use a new website, or even running a virtual trade show. The challenges come thick and fast, and will continue to, in our post COVID world - so a change is needed. We all need to transform how we get our messages out there.

As an experienced Microsoft Gold Partner, we are pleased to launch our tailored Teams Live Event - a consultative offer, to help you and your business overcome your own challenges around virtual customer engagement, event delivery, internal & external communications, product launch and training.

Our aim? To empower you - to help with your planning, to give you the specific training you need to use the Teams Live Event tools at your disposal, and to help you deliver your own events confidently and professionally.

Introducing Utilize Microsoft Teams Live Events

Our events are typically a two-day engagement, delivered via Teams & Teams Live Events (or in person, as COVID lockdown restrictions ease) – we incorporate the following phases:

Stage One Planning Phase

We will help you expand ideas around your event narrative, running order and platform alignment (reviewing suitability of Teams Live Events for Keynotes and headline presentations, and Simple Teams meetings for breakout meetings and personalised / specific sessions).

Potential use of Microsoft Forms for attendee / Insight data capture – what is your event for, who will be attending, why and what do people want to see and who do they want to meet?

Discovery and adoption of Microsoft automation technology – to process notifications, workflows and data gathering output to Teams.

Assistance with third party liaison (as necessary) – Events booking & Landing Page, use of third party booking app and the use of new Teams booking features.

Stage Two Training Phase

Planning of stakeholder involvement – bringing together relevant colleagues who will serve as producers, moderators and presenters.

Role overview & setting expectations of the roles with your stakeholders.

Creation of your own demo tenant for events – to run training scenario / replicate Teams Live Event in real production scenario.

Dry run/s of Teams Live Event, using demo environment. Hands on real live demo for producers, moderators and presenters, including the delivery of content, Q&A and transition to breakout meetings.

Stage Three Event Delivery Phase

Allocation of Utilize Producer consultant for the day of your event. To help co-ordinate and provide assistance / assurance to internal stakeholders running the event.

Discover how Utilize successfully deployed Microsoft Teams for Havens Hospice. Click the image below to view.

Havens Hospice Case Study

Who should attend?

We have lots of experience working with different kinds of business and different kinds of teams. What kind of live events could we help your business with?

Events Organisers

Internal & External Communications Personnel

Marketing Departments

HR Departments

Sales Departments

We are working with customers and their staff in a multitude of different roles – the benefits of Teams Live Events are vast and diverse. We are really happy to have an exploratory conversation with you, if you feel we could help launch your next engagement – please call us on 0333 006 9060 or fill out the enquiry form below.

Utilize are a directly managed Microsoft Partner, based in London and the South East. We work with customers in the SMB space – typically 50-500 users.

We are a Microsoft first organisation, with solutions and services across the three Microsoft Clouds. We hold a number of Gold Partner certifications, including Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions, Cloud Productivity and Cloud Platform.

Our vision is to understand our customers challenges, goals and aspirations, to help them understand the impact that digital technology investment can bring, and then help them adopt the right solutions, products and services.

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