Preparing for ISDN switch off

In preparation for the ISDN switch-off in 2025, this 30-minute complimentary webinar discusses the Cloud-based alternatives that are available for your business and how they can improve your business communications.

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Who is this webinar for:

This webinar content is at an introductory level. It is ideally suited to decision-makers within a business responsible for business communications planning who crave the need to understand more about Cloud-based unified communications and how this is shaping the SMB sector.

Our Webinar covers:

  • Voice over Internet (VoIP) services, also known as SIP. This is the successor to traditional ISDN and PSTN landlines, and it will be the industry standard for years to come.
  • How you can now use a hosted telephony platform with Microsoft Teams to make and receive calls in one simple-to-use interface, enabling Teams as a full cloud-based Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) solution with enterprise-grade telephony.
  • How you can streamline your business by onboarding a powerful unified communications suite and maximising its available integrations.

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