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Utilize Technology Forum

Connect with industry experts to analyse technology issues critical to business growth and sustainable success. These hands-on events include seminars, workshops and live demos in conjunction with our technology partners in a small classroom setting providing lots of opportunities to learn and ask questions.

Future Utilize Technology Forum Events

Pre-register for information and updates on future complimentary Utilize Technology Forum Events such as Microsoft Modern Business Cloud, Microsoft Teams and Cyber Essentials workshops. Utilize Technology Forum Events are held at our London office: WeWork c/o Utilize Plc, 15 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 3AR.

Who should attend:

These workshops are ideal for IT strategy planning and those who crave the need to understand how the latest technologies are shaping the modern workplace.

Event topics:

Topics include Microsoft 365, Azure Cloud Migration, Teams, emerging cloud technologies, business productivity, security and cost reduction.

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