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Cyber Hackers have used Coronavirus to prey on remote workforce’s and IT systems, as criminals attempt to steal money or data. The resulting impact on businesses and reputations can be significant.

This webinar addresses how businesses can ensure they have implemented security controls, secured sensitive data, and are protected from cyber-attacks. It also looks at how businesses can mitigate many of the main attacks and improve security awareness with their staff.

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23rd November 2021 at 12:30

Who should attend:
This webinar content is at an introductory level. It is ideally suited to decision-makers within a business responsible for Cyber Security and IT strategy planning who crave the need to understand more about Cyber Security and remote working and how this is shaping the SMB sector.

Registered attendees will also get a free dark web scan, to see whether their emails have been compromised. If information is compromised, we’ll advise on the next steps that should be taken to ensure sensitive data and identity is safe.

Part one: Information Security Landscape & Quick Tips

What are the threats we are seeing today and simple recommendations you can implement to improve your own and your organisations security.

Part two: Dark web scanning and Phishing attacks.

Our consultants will share how hackers are taking advantage of the influx of remote workers by using COVID-19 related phishing attacks. Security training and awareness are necessary to help thwart these attacks. We will provide go-to-market tips on how to implement a Cyber Security 

Part Three: Cyber Essentials Explained

Find out how implementing this basic level of protection can protect your organisation from many cyber-attacks, help win business, save money and improve productivity.

You can also download our free guide here to find out more about the benefits of Cyber Essentials and how Utilize can help your business gain this certification.

Post this webinar we will deliver your individual dark web scan results and offer advice on the next steps you should take. This will allow you to have a 1-2-1 session with our Cyber Security Specialists to answer any further questions that your business may have.



Dark Web Scanning

Cyber Essentials Explained

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