85% of businesses with less than 1000 employees have been hacked … and most don’t even know it!

Posted: Thursday, April 2, 2020

Author: Darren Bartlett

Reports of cyber attacks originating from the Dark Web are growing at an alarming rate. The attacks are becoming more frequent and increasingly harder to detect.

Hackers who initially compromise a network can be in the network for months, and sometimes even years, before their activity is spotted. It is more rewarding for them to compromise further systems and identify additional criminal opportunities to sell these vulnerabilities, passwords and hacks on to other criminals to exploit.

Alongside selling hacking tools, there are hackers for hire who are paid specifically to compromise a specific company’s networks. Data gained illicitly from your company may already be available in Dark Web data dumps, or from criminals selling data such as your employees personal records, compromised passwords, or system access exploits.

“48% of UK Businesses identified at least one breach or attack a month”

Although many businesses believe they are relatively ‘secure’ from cyber attacks and cyber security in larger businesses is generally improving, cyber attacks on medium and small business are increasing in number and frequency.

These attacks can start with the compromise of a single employee’s login details through a basic phishing attack. With one in every 3,722 emails in the UK being a phishing attempt, and a 350% surge in attacks amid the COVID-19 epidemic, your company cannot afford to ignore the threat of a potential data breach.

You must begin to mitigate your risks and take proactive steps to identify whether your businesses data has already been compromised and protect against the possibility of a future attack.

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