Detect, Alert,

An Integrated and intelligent approach to Securing
Your Technology Environment.


Want to remain secure against ever-more sophisticated cyberthreats that are bombarding your business every day? Here’s how we do it.

  • Are you struggling to keep pace with ever-changing security threats?
  • Need to comply with increasing demands from your staff?
  • Struggling to secure a sprawling and increasingly complex infrastructure?
  • Need to keep pace with changing legislation?
  • Need to protect against internal data breaches?

A comprehensive range of technology and services - monitored, managed and supported end-to-end 24/7

Utilize provide fast, effective network security to deal with ever-evolving threats from cyber criminals deploying vastly more sophisticated techniques to compromise business systems and data. Our enhanced range of technology and services are supported by a comprehensive security policy and constant monitoring, so you have the maximum protection possible. We are both Cyber Essentials and ISO27001 accredited.

Consultancy, training and support to mitigate any risk from user demands and legislative changes

Utilize provides high quality technology and training needed to keep your staff working at optimum levels. Whether delivered on or off site, your team will have access to the tools and applications they need to perform effectively and securely, with the assurance that they are conforming with technological and legislative commitments.

Advice, consultancy and support for creating a security policy to match technology investment

Staying ahead of increasingly sophisticated network attacks requires access to the very latest security intelligence. Our team of technology experts are at the forefront of cyber protection, working closely with security experts from across the industry to bring you the best, most timely advice and support. Trust us to protect your most valuable business assets.

Consultancy, training and support to understand and mitigate risk from legislative change

Our experienced consultants will keep you updated about the ever-changing legislation and industry and government directives that help to safeguard your information and infrastructure. Our team delivers the right training and the support to mitigate the risks of attack, keeping you compliant and ahead of the competition.

Technology to alert, prevent, detect and/or investigate internal data leakage or foul play

Faced with the multiple threats, today’s businesses need the latest technology to prevent cyberattacks and internal espionage. Protect your reputation and business advantage by preventing confidential information being shared either intentionally or accidentally. Leveraging leading technology and key features of solutions like the Microsoft Cloud we keep your business protected against malicious attacks.

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