Simplify, Monitor,

Pro-Actively Managing Your Technology.
We Have Every Aspect Covered.

Managed Technology

Want on premise, cloud or hybrid, proactive monitoring and award winning support? Let us put your mind at rest.

  • Want to know you’re making the right investment in technology now and for the future?
  • Hardly ever hear from your incumbent technology supplier?
  • Coping with sprawling technologies managed by a variety of suppliers?
  • Rigid contracts with little or no flexibility?
  • Feel you know more about your technology than your support provider?
  • Sick of having to log calls with your Support Company?
  • Only talk to your Technology Company when something goes wrong?

Our specialist technology consultants advise, scope and roadmap technology that’s important to your business

Maximising your technology investment requires a cutting edge, strategic approach and first-rate insight into the very best technology to meet your needs both now and in the future. Our team of specialist consultants will work closely with you to define and scope your technology roadmap and determine the most appropriate solutions to enable your business to take advantage.

Our account managers deliver technology that matters to your business, when it matters

You need a good working relationship with your technology partner to get the very best out of your technology and systems. Our proactive approach and dedicated account managers keep in regular contact to better understand your business needs, providing advice and insight into the latest technology to drive business productivity at the right time.

One number to call for all of your technology needs

Being caught in the middle of multiple providers can be confusing, time consuming and very frustrating. Our team are trained to take total ownership of all your engagements. Unify your technology with one provider who has clear accountability over managing its performance and functionality.

Tailored technology support packages designed to adapt and scale with your company

Our support packages are designed to flex in-line with your changing business needs. Benefit from our high quality, proactive support whenever you need it, secure in the knowledge that we understand your technology and business systems.

Over two decades of technical expertise and leading vendor/manufacturer relationships allows us to answer all your needs

Utilize gives you access to highly trained and experienced technology consultants. Benefit from working with the very best technicians, who have established relationships with leading best of breed vendors. We are proud our team consistently displays their ability to implement best practice and effectively manage a whole range of specialist technology solutions.

24/7/365 advanced monitoring tools diagnose and address problems before they impact your business

Our industry leading, proactive monitoring tools track, diagnose and address technology issues before they impact your business 24/7/365. This ensures your organisation is always working to its optimum levels and often prevents you from picking up the phone.

More than ‘break/fix’ support, get training, videos and workshops on the latest technologies

Utilize works as a technology partner, sharing our knowledge and best practices proactively with all clients. Our belief is the greater your understanding the better we can work together to satisfy your business requirements and offer solutions that deliver real results. Benefit from a wide range of support and training including videos, workshops, manuals and bespoke, one-to-one support.

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