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As with all of our technology products and services, we simplify what it means to businesses and this is never more evident than with our cloud computing portfolio. Taking what appears complex and translating them into simple, business terms we show clients how to take advantage of the efficiency, continuity and scalability cloud computing brings.


Rather than forcing clients to choose between on-premise, private or public cloud services, we often find that consumption of more than one or all of these services makes sense to a lot of businesses. This simple approach allows you to enjoy the benefits of a range of cherry-picked technologies to produce the most suitable combination of technology services that makes sense to your business.

Private Cloud

Built on Microsoft Windows Server and associated technologies, you can think of a private cloud, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), as your own hosted network. This solution’s flexibility allows unlimited server resources to be scaled up or down, almost instantly, to meet your changing business requirements and only paying for what you are using. The Utilize cloud offers reassuring levels of security, resiliency and performance in privately owned UK, European or International datacenters.

Public Cloud

Public cloud, essentially a larger version of private cloud, is provided in many different ways. Instead of being privately hosted these services are generally accessed over the internet and reside on a highly shared platform to achieve the economies of scale necessary to deliver competitive pricing and convenient scalability. Microsoft Azure is a prime example of a public cloud service, enabling Utilize to supply, integrate and maintain your requirements via a flexible monthly subscription.

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