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Want to take advantage of the levels of security, resiliency and performance cloud computing brings? We make it simple.

  • Frustrated by poor performance and speed of existing systems?
  • Plagued with outages and unacceptable downtime?
  • Aging technology restricting business growth?
  • Do you need to rapidly deploy technology quickly and efficiently?
  • Need to ensure compliance with industry and government regulations?
  • Does your software need high availability and guaranteed performance?
  • Need to know what it’s going to cost each and every month?
  • Need to know that you can recover your data wherever and whenever you need to?

Scalable cloud infrastructure that matches performance to the peaks and troughs of a working day

Gain a clear business advantage by using scalable infrastructure powered by the Microsoft Cloud. Elastic infrastructure flexes performance and speed to suit your business needs, allowing you to quickly and efficiently react to both short and long-term opportunities and challenges.

Guarantee uptime with industry leading cloud infrastructure that provides total peace of mind

When fast, guaranteed infrastructure is vital, our range of cloud solutions backed by the worlds leading providers ensures you keep working. Utilize will allow you to concentrate on running your business knowing that you have access to your systems, data and applications 24/7/365, so you always have the service you need.

Elastic cloud infrastructure to meet the changing demands of your business

We all know that business suffers both ups and downs. Utilising cloud technology means you only pay for what you use and allows your business to grow at hyper-scale or downsize accordingly without the need to redesign your infrastructure each and every time. With the Microsoft Cloud you can be truly dynamic and leverage the elastic nature of the cloud.

Leverage the Cloud to deploy new sites/users and have them up and running in minutes

Cloud-based technology allows you to react quickly to maintain business productivity. Utilize can rapidly deploy cutting-edge technology across your whole business and grant new users access to the sites and systems they need in minutes. In addition automatically access updates and upgrades to maintain your efficiency.

Cloud infrastructure on a global scale with local data governance and compliance

Satisfy the requirement for a high level of compliance with industry specific data governance and data sovereignty needs by deploying cloud infrastructure in strategic locations around the world. Our range of cloud solutions provided by leading providers, allow you to benefit from utilising global cloud infrastructure whilst storing data close to applications and users, with the associated clarity of data ownership and storage.

Cloud services that guarantee resource and performance, both privately and publicly

When your business uses mission critical applications and software its essential that they are accessible whenever needed. Our cloud services deliver outstanding performance and availability - backed up with industry-leading service-level agreements (SLAs) to guarantee the service you need. Concentrate on growing your business and know that your technology is working efficiently and productively.

Consistent OpEx model and design that has a positive effect on your business’s cash flow

Monitor your service provision and effectively predict your IT costs. Scalable cloud systems mean that you only pay for the capacity and resources you need as they adapt to suit your exact requirements. Benefit from reduced infrastructure costs by removing the need for servers, staff and associated equipment. Mitigate the cost of system upgrades and software with automatic update packages.

Guaranteed point in time recovery to unlimited locations

Leveraging the cloud to back up your critical data, or simply holding it in the cloud and having it replicate to different locations is the defacto level of protection businesses should expect now. Leveraging our cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions means you can ensure your data is accessible 24/7/365.

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