But what does that really mean?

Microsoft Teams is an innovative Office 365 app that totally rethinks how workgroups within organisations communicate.

Accessible across the internet on desktop and mobile devices and on both PCs and Mac, Microsoft Teams is an ultra-modern productivity tool designed to make communication easier between every business workgroup member. When combined with SharePoint’s web-based document storage, information management and sharing capabilities, it vastly improves the quality and relevance of internal communication, enabling more efficient working practices and better collaboration.

But what does it all mean in the real, working world? Here’s a taste of some of the business challenges that Microsoft Teams and Utilize can help you address:

“I want to be able to access all the documents for a project easily, in one place, see all versions and who collaborated on what.”

Microsoft Teams allows you to get the latest, most important information easily and quickly, without having to ask colleagues questions about where to look.

You can find what you’re looking for without having to bookmark where a file is, without having to memorise a specific file location, because it's not where you originally thought it would be, and be able to collaborate on documents in real time, without the need for version control.

“I want to track project activity, to see what tasks are overdue, due or done. I need to know who’s in charge of a task and what’s needed in order for it to be completed.”

Microsoft Teams allows everyone involved in a project to collaborate on tasks, the management of them, and have a clear understanding of the project goal.

With Microsoft Teams, project team members can easily see what's completed, due, overdue, and who is involved; if the project is behind or on track, and can easily chat to check on how things are progressing.

“I want to be able to understand logically the structure and order of projects vs departments vs workgroups vs campaigns.”

Microsoft Teams enables you to define the hierarchical order of an organisation’s activity allowing you to organise and view your workflow by and across individuals, projects, teams or departments.

With Microsoft Teams everyone can see the organisation’s workflow structure, understand all the ongoing projects and easily access the specific up-to-date information they need to work effectively.

Just a few scenarios, but it’s easy to see how Microsoft Teams helps reduce costs, accelerates decision-making, and improves the customer and employee experience, whatever your specific business challenges may be.

By empowering your employees with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, you can reduce common workgroup issues that cause delays and eradicate miscommunication.

From Project Management and Sales to Marketing, HR and General Businesses Management and Reporting - wherever your specific workgroup challenges are, the careful, planned deployment of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint in your business can help you resolve them.

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