But what does that really mean?


Without doubt Microsoft Teams can now be regarded as the new hub for business collaboration and communication.

From Project Management and Sales to Marketing, HR and General Businesses Management and Reporting - wherever your specific workgroup challenges are, the careful, planned implementation of Microsoft Teams in your business can help you resolve them.

Microsoft Teams - deployment vs. adoption - there is a big difference

Perhaps you’re one of the many companies who, due to the current situation, have quickly turned on Microsoft Teams and have let your employees have a free rein over how they use it?

You could now be faced with a messy list of Teams and channels, alongside a host of other communication and collaboration apps still in use across the business. When do you use which application for what, and why?

Or maybe you're thinking about Teams for the first time but don't know where to start?

Our successful framework for adoption of Microsoft Teams and beyond

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you are not alone.

Many companies invest heavily in technology and neglect the softer (but most important) part of their business - their people. New technology alone won’t make your staff more productive, but if you put equal investment into HOW they use it, you’ll reap the rewards.

Let's introduce Adoption and Change Management (ACM) from Utilize. Our ACM process focuses on your people, their business challenges and how technology can solve them. It's so much more than just technical training which focuses on products, not people.

Here’s an example of how our ACM works:

Awareness Phase

CEO: We need to embrace remote working and be much better at communicating, collaborating and communicating. If not, we’ll start losing out to the competition.

Desire Phase

Employee: But I’m using the same systems that I was shown when I first started working here and they seem to work well enough for me.

CEO: The new technology will make your life easier. You won’t have to travel into the office each day and we’ll be able to automate some of your repetitive tasks so you can concentrate on other areas of job. It’s fun and intuitive to use too.

Knowledge Phase

Employee: It sounds great, but I’m worried that the younger staff will understand this new technology and I won’t, which could threaten the viability of my job.

CEO: Please don’t worry, we’ll give you structured training that’s tailored to your skill level and learning style, making sure you’re fully consulted with at every stage.

A typical ACM engagement would include the following:

  • We’ll get to know your team. We’ve worked hard with Microsoft to come up with a series of assessments to get under the skin of their business challenges.
  • Getting the right stakeholders in place from the outset is of paramount importance. We’ll work with you to try and identify suitable executives, department heads and product champions. We won’t exclude the IT staff, but they’ll have an equal voice to all other stakeholders.
  • Different people learn in different ways. We’ll work with you to define staff personas and how plan your adoption strategy.
  • We’ve engaged with ACM specialists from all over the world to come up with a Teams adoption framework we know works. It’s simple and fun to use and your staff will be able to apply the templates we’ve defined to solving their business challenges quickly and effectively.

“If you haven't signed up yet - just do it! This online Teams Academy helped us unlock a number of challenges and enabled us to make significant progress on our automation journey. Thank you Utilize.”

Jacquie Rollett
HRBP at KYOCERA Document Solutions UK

We’re here to help customers at all stages of their Teams journey with a focus on your people and how Teams can transform the way you communicate, collaborate and coordinate.

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