Introducing Techbar

The go to ‘How do I?’ resource.

Techbar allows your employees to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently - allowing them to extract the maximum benefit from the technology you have in place.

Introducing Techbar
Why use Techbar?

Why use Techbar?

Offered as part of ASCEND, this new service allows your employees to have short, accessible 1-2-1 discussions with a Consultant who will answer their "How do I?" type questions.

Techbar is the perfect resource to help fill knowledge gaps or configurations tweaks they may be unsure about. Your teams may want to share their challenges, ideas, and their context scenarios - to sanity-check what they are doing, why they are doing it, and with what technology.

Typical Techbar questions

We have helped with many challenges - from the straightforward:

  • How should I structure my Teams environment? Should I create a new Team or just a new Channel?
  • We are now using SharePoint Online - how do I ensure users outside of my organisation have the right access controls in place?
  • I seem to have some great new security features within my M365 licences, but I need advice on which bits I should turn on?

… to the more complex:

  • We have had Teams deployed within our organisation for some time now, but our staff continue to do things the old way - nobody really uses Teams properly... How can I change people’s working habits and ensure a more successful adoption?
  • I like the look of Secure Score - could you tell me more about it and explain how I can use it in my company to help establish a better security baseline?
  • I would like to explore Automation of some of my simple business processes - could you tell me more about Power Automate and suggest where I can learn more to get me started?

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