Solar-powered drones helping Ordnance Survey to take better images of Earth

Posted: Friday, March 15, 2019

Author: Robert Ward

British company, Ordnance Survey, has created a solar-powered mapping drone that can soar to 67,000ft, fly for 90 days solidly and reach areas that conventional aerial imaging has previously struggled to capture. Known as Astigan, this drone has the ability to reach twice the cruising height of a commercial airliner and will complement current satellite services. Billed as “brilliant innovative thinking” by the UK Government it should lead to “global business opportunities.”

“As well as having the potential to support key government objectives such as upgrading the UK’s infrastructure, it could benefit other emerging technology that relies on accurate 3D mapping, such as self-driving vehicles, and help with providing an early warning for natural disasters.” Any data and images collected will be made available for businesses and organisations to use.

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