Are you a CFO on the criminals hit list?

Posted: Thursday, January 17, 2019

Author: Robert Ward

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and senior finance officials from a wide range of businesses are on the radar of Nigerian cyber criminals. It is believed that they are on a “London Blue” hit list and will be the target of a spear phishing campaign early in 2019 designed to encourage them to transfer money on the orders of a senior executive.

Of the ‘London Blue’ hit list, 71% of targets held the title CFO, while the remainder were senior members of finance teams including finance directors, controllers and members of accounting. The majority of targets are based in the US, with remaining targets based in a host of nations including Spain, the UK, Finland, and Egypt. It appears that the list has been compiled using commercial lead generation tools and it demonstrates the lengths the group will employ to gather relevant information to convince professionals that these emails are genuine.

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