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Our updated one-hour Power Automate webinar is free to attend. We will introduce several Microsoft Power Automate features that show you how your organisation can automate labour intensive document processing tasks, using accessible and familiar Microsoft tools and open up the many possibilities of Automation within your business. 

If your organisation is using Microsoft 365, you may have access to a multitude of existing tools that can add significant productivity value for your users. 

Designed specifically for a non-technical audience, during this webinar we will introduce you to the Power Automate suite of products, and showcase real-world examples that we have worked on, with other organisations. 

Our webinar will cover: 

Microsoft Cloud Flows – (for use with products like Teams / SharePoint)Learn how to setup Automated Flows (using Trigger Actions).  Integrate simple Manual Flow / Button Flows – used for manual process interactions. Discover Scheduled Flowwhich allows a schedule to be set to trigger an action (for example, when automating batch processing of documents). 

AI Builder – Adding AI into your flows, to build upon your automation journey.  We will show how you can train a model to extract information or data from a form or document – PDFs, JPEGS, scanned documents, email attachments and more. 

– Power Automate Desktop –  Using this free application (now contained within Windows 10), you can automate everything from simple data transfers to complex business workflows, direct from your desktop, using Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  This amazing technology can integrate your legacy applications, as well as your modern cloud applications. 

– Identify tangible time and cost savings across your team,  by implementing a variety of productivity and efficiency benefits, that will give you back many hours a week. 

Showing you the Art of the Possible – to find how easily productivity gains can be established in your organisation. 

At Utilize, we work with many businesses, to modernise the way they use technology, solving business challenges using the many features of Microsoft 365. 

We’d like to share our knowledge with you in this interactive workshop. 

During our free 1-hour workshops, you will also: 

  • Learn what innovative industry newcomers are doing to re-skill staff, automate their processes and create better collaborative experiences
  • Have the opportunity to ask us questions about automation and workflow streamlining.

This is a live, fully interactive online workshop for a small number of attendees – click on a date above to register for one of our POWER AUTOMATE ACADEMY events. 

If you choose to participate in this session using Microsoft Teams, your name, email address, phone number, and/or title may be viewable by other session participants.

“Rob & Nick from Utilize are very knowledgeable. I felt the workshop flowed really well, they worked well together in demonstrating some of the things that can be achieved. The potential results from using power automate are very exciting, I look forward to getting to grips with it.”

Lucy Johnson, attendee.

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