Waste Management Company retains Utilize expertise at its disposal since 2002

Waste Management Specialists recognise an IT Support agreement worth keeping

Established in 1972, this Waste Management Firm is one of the largest, most highly regarded recycling and resource management companies in the whole of the South East. Its founders remain active in the group to this day, taking a hands-on approach in their role as Executive Directors.

Information technology is intrinsic to the daily operations of each of the group’s companies, allowing them to communicate between their sites and process orders via their in-house management system. Downtime on their IT systems means downtime on their business, which is something this firm simply cannot afford to endure.



  • IT support tailored to the needs of the firm
  • Fast inter-site connectivity for real-time data transfer
  • Account management and IT road mapping to facilitate company expansion


  • 10Mb fibre optic MPLS links
  • Fully outsourced IT department and infrastructure


With technology so critical to its business operations, this Waste Management Company had been struggling to find the on call support it needed to provide a rapid response when things went wrong. In particular, since it operates throughout the night, they needed IT support that would fit in with its round-the-clock schedule.

Aware of the need to stay abreast of technology to ensure it could deliver the best service possible, the firm also required on-going advice from experts it could trust. In recent years, the group has seen considerable growth and knew it needed IT systems to grow in line with its business.

In 2007, the firm took on a second site in London. With the head office located elsewhere, the ability to transfer information quickly across the network became essential. A slow network meant a delay between orders being processed at head office and being received in London. These time lags risked some staff waiting around for vital information to appear, whilst lorries queued up bringing the site to a standstill. What the firm needed was a high-speed, secure and private connection between their key sites, allowing data to be transferred in real-time

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"Since 2002, we’ve continued to outsource all our IT support needs to Utilize because we trust the knowledge and expertise of its staff."

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