Keeping a critical network afloat

Sportswear praises communication and proactivity of Utilize staff

For this leading brand, the need to keep its head above water as far as its IT systems are concerned is of paramount importance. Central to the day-to-day functions of its business, network downtime simply isn’t as option.

Passionate about swimwear and equipment, this client's range is recognised as being innovative and forward-thinking, offering the best products for both enthusiasts and professionals. Such is the ethos which has seen it achieve its status as a market leader.



  • Mitigating risk of downtime
  • Improved response times


  • Reliable and proactive support with fixed response times
  • IT roadmapping


It is no exaggeration to say that, should a major problem befall its IT systems, this brand would be left unable to function. With all customer orders handled electronically and warehouse dispatches controlled via its databases, the company would not be able to carry out its business.

By the beginning of 2011, the company knew it had outgrown its current IT support provision. Up to this point, it had been employing the services of a subcontractor. Whilst there was nothing particularly wrong with the standard of the work the client received, it became apparent that its demands could not be fulfilled in the timely and reliable a manner it required. Response times were sporadic depending on the workload of the subcontractor at any given time. “Users were frustrated with the lack of responsiveness,” said a contact at the firm. They realised it had reached the end of the road with this contract, as slow and uncertain response times began to hamper productivity.

“Users have been impressed by the professional service offered by Utilize. As the main point of contact here, Utilize will always keep me updated on current issues.”

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