Conducting IT Support for a Specialist Musician Organisation

Utilize Account Management proves to be in tune with customer needs

Having embraced a number of media for many years, this Specialist Musician Organisation has broadcast on screen and on air regularly. It has worked with Hollywood and UK film industries, producing soundtracks on major blockbuster titles.



  • IT hardware and Sage application support required
  • Bespoke software without support or backup
  • Experience with difficult IT providers


  • Bespoke IT/Sage Support package to suit hours of business
  • Single point of contact for all IT issues


For this Specialist Musician Organisation, information technology is business critical. The company uses numerous software packages, many off-the-shelf but some which are bespoke to its needs. Downtime on IT would leave it unable to function, devoid of access to vital information.

The LPO had entered into contracts with a couple of IT support companies over the years, both of which had left a bad taste and a sense of disillusionment. Staff had grown tired of arguing with their support provider, always battling to get things done despite being a low maintenance Client with no particularly unusual demands. Despite paying a considerable sum for the privilege, they were met by poor customer service, and inexperienced Engineers. For even the simplest of jobs that could have been performed remotely, their support companies seemed to insist upon sending out an Engineer, wasting time and charging more. A previous user of Macs, the LPO was also frustrated to find engineers had no specialist knowledge in this area.

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