"Moving to ASCEND… well, that was the best thing we ever did."

Since switching to ASCEND, the new SLA is already making a positive impact on business productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Research tells us that happy individuals tend to be more committed, creative, and productive in the workplace, and nobody understands this better than this client. It’s the reason why, in addition to providing building management, landscaping and maintenance services to London, this Serviced Workspace customer also delivers a programme of regular activities and concierge services dedicated to the pleasure and entertainment of its guests.

Utilize has been providing outsourced IT and telephony services to this client since 2014 and, whilst this service always met the needs of the business, a recent upgrade to ASCEND has taken them to the next level of fully managed IT support.



  • Inability to react quickly to important issues
  • Budgetary constraints, requiring forecasted figures 15 months in advance


  • The ability to plan and budget all IT expenditure without additional costs or unexpected surprises
  • Flexibility to plan projects using pre-budgeted funds
  • Increased efficiency, productivity and profitability


Prior to choosing Utilize’s ASCEND package, this client was required to budget 15 months in advance for all IT capital expenditure, presenting the site team with forecasted figures in the third quarter of the preceding financial year.

The biggest challenge in operating this way was the inability for the business to react quickly to important technical issues. For example, they manage s a total of 12 buildings but when these sites required the network switches to be replaced, this critical infrastructure upgrade needed to be completed in three separate phases due to budgetary constraints.

On other occasions, where unexpected technology costs arose, funds had to be reallocated from other areas of the business to enable the required investment to be made.

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“Moving to ASCEND… well, that was the best thing we ever did."

Serviced Workspace Client

<br>Want to modernise your working practices through the continuous adoption of technology?</br> <br>Introducing ASCEND</br>

Want to modernise your working practices through the continuous adoption of technology?

Introducing ASCEND

ASCEND delivers Managed IT Services, built-in security, backup, projects, and consultancy, for a fixed monthly fee. No additional costs, no upsell. We support all minor or major IT projects and develop that into a digital roadmap and strategy which is fully supported, by our award-winning Managed IT Services Team.

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