Solving Business Challenges – Financial Services - Reducing the Margin for Error through automation

Who did we help?

A Financial Services company

What was the business challenge?

The company wished to keep its CRM system accurately up to date. They needed to reduce the human effort and margin for error specifically relating to the task of attaching emails to the corresponding CRM system record.

How long did the process take and what was the margin for error?

Approximately 400 CRM records are updated every week. Of this number around 1 in 10 emails were not being processed or surfaced in the CRM, leading to potential compliance issues for the organisation.

What was the challenge solution?

Automation of the entire function- Processing every inbound and outbound email, cross-referencing against a SharePoint list and then attaching only relevant emails found to the corresponding record.

What technology did we use?

Microsoft Power Automate and Exchange Online.

What was the efficiency gain and ROI?

Removing any margin for error and ensuring that full compliance and the customer communication trail was 100% evident in the CRM application.

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