Essential cyber security checks as workers return to the office

Posted: Friday, May 21, 2021

Author: David Tuck

The coronavirus pandemic has driven a huge shift in how businesses operate and how their employees go about their daily working lives. Much of this digital transformation has been positive, with a rise in remote working and widespread adoption of productivity tools. However, digital transformation brings with it huge risks – not least from a cybersecurity standpoint.

Over the past year, it’s been all too easy for employees to click on a bad link, open an infected attachment or visit a malicious website from a work device whilst at home. They may have downloaded or installed an unauthorised application on work systems, or even taken advantage of more powerful work hardware to play games in their leisure time.

Enterprising cybercriminals know that the adoption of new technologies or working practices brings with it blind spots; chinks in the armour of businesses both large and small, that could quite easily be exploited.

It’s for this reason that cybercrime attacks within the UK are thought to have increased 31% during the pandemic – costing businesses some £6.2 million in the year to September 2020.

Businesses cite cybersecurity as their second biggest concern for the year ahead. PwC’s latest CEO Survey found that 91% of business owners put cyber threats among their top concerns – behind only pandemics and other health crises. Cyber worries were even named above uncertain economic growth, itself mentioned by just 86%.

Elsewhere, the PwC report found that 77% of businesses expect to invest further in digital transformation throughout 2021 – meaning their cybercrime defences need to not just be robust but ever-evolving, to ensure they don’t allow hackers to exploit any brand-new weaknesses.

The imminent return of workers to their offices provides an opportune moment to check your own cyber security credentials, and to ensure nothing dangerous is being brought back into the work environment.

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