Transformation through Microsoft Technology

Teams workshop

The Key to Teamwork Success = Technology + People Change

Introducing - Utilize Microsoft Teams Workshop

Pre Workshop Stage Initial awareness

We will show you what is possible, using modern Microsoft technology, in YOUR industry. We will give you our industry aligned insights – showing you how other similar organisations are using Microsoft Teams, to get your creative juices flowing.

Stage One Challenge Discovery

Nominate your stakeholders and define your strategy with our consultants.

Discover and prioritise your business challenges using our predefined assessments we’ve designed in conjunction with Microsoft and align them with the features of Microsoft Teams.

Stage Two Teams Impact Framework

Using our established Teams Impact Framework, we’ll deliver a multi-day immersive workshop to your stakeholders, empowering them with the knowledge of how to structure their teams to better communicate, collaborate and coordinate, building upon the discoveries from the initial phase.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be confidently embracing new working practices and realising the true business value of Microsoft Teams.

Post Workshop Stage Nurture

Business transformation is always evolving. We can continue to work with your stakeholders, nurturing further phases in your roadmap and supporting your ‘how do I?’ scenarios.

Use Case Examples

We have lots of experience working with different kinds of business and different kinds of teams. What kind of business challenges could we help you with?

Sales Teams

  • Get quick answers from the sales team regarding opportunities
  • Share key customer insights and wins
  • Receive lead notifications and tender updates
  • Share latest company, competitor and product news

Project Teams

  • Streamline project communication and tools
  • Share files and collaborate on deliverable goals
  • Provide project status updates, share timeline goals, coordinate tasks and get feedback
  • Get new project team members quickly up to speed

Marketing Teams

  • Coordinate campaigns and event tasks
  • Share content drafts and wider team feedback
  • Get automated reports and use analytics tools
  • Prepare marketing launch across multiple stakeholders

Customer Service

  • Enable continuous knowledge sharing between different shift workers
  • Provide full visibility into customer escalations
  • Search for solutions across previous conversations
  • Speed up issue resolutions across your subject matter experts and colleagues

HR Teams

  • Drive alignment on job descriptions and streamline your interview processes
  • Plan and prepare for new employee onboarding
  • Engage distributed employees in better communication and training
  • Share departmental resources and documentation


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