The worst passwords of 2018

Posted: Thursday, January 3, 2019

Author: Robert Ward

The 100 worst passwords of the year has highlighted that we are still helping criminals to access our devices and data. The list is based on 5 million leaked passwords from around the internet and was compiled by SplashData. As expected, the worst password for the fifth year running was ‘123456’, with ‘password’ coming in 2nd. A new entry for the year was ‘donald’ and this was one of 11 new entries to make the top 25 – showing that we are trying out new passwords just not following the rules of password creation.

Security protocol strongly recommends that users are regularly urged to use a unique password, eight to ten characters long and contain a mix of numbers and lower and upper case letters. Businesses can insist that this protocol is followed whenever their employees and users choose the following:

#10 iloveyou
#9 qwerty
#8 sunshine
#7 1234567
#6 111111
#5 12345
#4 12345678
#3 123456789
#2 password
#1 123456

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