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If you are using Microsoft 365 and Teams then chances are you’re not using the technology to its full potential.

Most businesses don’t realise how much these tools can do – especially when it comes to automating workflows and improving collaboration.

For example, with a few tweaks, you can:
– Generate reports in minutes instead of hours
– Share documents with colleagues and clients faster (and more safely)
– Create sleek, modern onboarding experiences for new clients
– Automate your manual copy-and-paste processes (with improved accuracy)

At Utilize, we lead the way with the successful adoption of many Microsoft products. Teams is clearly ahead of the pack, and we are now having some great conversations with customers who are having challenges and want to know:

  • How can Teams help reduce my email traffic further and drive my team communication more efficiently?
  • How can Teams automate some of my manual business processes, save time and drive productivity?
  • How can I reduce and consolidate some of the other applications we use – streamlining expensive subscriptions and removing unnecessary costs?
  • How can Teams make my business more secure by protecting files, documents, messages and prevent information from flowing outside my corporate network?
  • Some of us are using Teams all the time, but others don’t understand why they should change the “old way of doing things”. How do I encourage them to make the change? How can I promote and encourage Teams adoption across my business?
  • How can I solve some of my other, more complex business challenges using Teams alongside other Microsoft products like Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate?

The Teams journey is one that is ever-evolving, but one that is increasingly non-technical. The real power of Teams is giving every one of its users the ability to feel empowered. To take real business challenges and resolve them using Teams and some of the other new Microsoft platforms.

We want to empower you and show you what is possible.

We want to hear about your business challenges and help turn them into solutions to get you started on your own journey of transformation.

Our new Teams Academy is the answer.

You bring your challenges to the academy and we’ll help you discover the solutions and introduce our clever empowerment framework for success.

Don’t just take our word for it.

View the video below and find out how one of our recent attendees have benefited from their engagement with our Teams Academy and Microsoft experts.



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