Evolve your Accounts & Finance Department – through technology-driven efficiencies


Our free upcoming online workshops – Evolve your Accounts & Finance Department – through technology-driven efficiencies.

Learn how your Team can automate its workflows using Microsoft tools you already have access to.

If your organisation is using Microsoft 365, the chances are you not yet using the technology to its full potential.

Most businesses don’t realise how powerful and useful their existing tools can be—especially when it comes to automating workflows and improving collaboration.

For example, with a few tweaks, you can:

  • Generate reports in minutes instead of hours
  • Share documents with colleagues and clients faster (and more safely)
  • Create sleek, modern onboarding experiences for new clients
  • Automate your manual business processes (with improved accuracy)

Best of all, you can do this using simple no-code solutions, with no major changes to your IT infrastructure.

Here at Utilize, we have helped many organisations to modernize their processes and respond to client requests faster with Microsoft 365.

We’d like to share our findings with you in an interactive workshop we’ve developed specifically for mid-sized businesses.

During this free 1-hour workshop, you will:

  • Discover the biggest time-saving opportunities for finance teams
  • Learn what innovative industry newcomers are doing to re-skill staff, automate their processes and create better customer experiences
  • Get to ask us your questions about automation and workflow streamlining

This is a live, fully interactive online workshop for a small number of attendees.

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