Automate your mobile Workforce Management


Learn how to automate your mobile workforce management with Microsoft tools you already have access to.

If your organisation delivers goods to your customers, or you provide service or maintenance to your customers and their offices, the chances are you may feel underwhelmed by your current use of technology.

It may be that you feel there could be a more efficient and productive way to communicate with your mobile workforce – to get them the data they need, to manage remote processes and to simplify and better manipulate the information they send back to your office staff.

Microsoft 365 has a mirage of great solutions you can exploit – the chances are you aren’t yet using the technology to its full potential.

Most businesses don’t realise how powerful their existing tools can be—especially when it comes to automating admin and communication.

For example, with a few tweaks, you can:

  • Connect your schedules to other systems using Microsoft Power Apps, so you don’t have to manually enter data into spreadsheets – the tangible time savings could be huge.
  • Automate communication with Microsoft Teams, so your mobile workers get instantly notified when you update maintenance schedules, delivery routes and other essential communications.
  • Sync changes to your customer data with Sharepoint so that when your mobile workers update job records, the changes are instantly visible to back office staff.

Find out how in our free online workshop, Automate your Mobile Workforce – doing more with less time..

Here at Utilize, we’ve helped several organisations automate their admin, back office and on-the-road worker communications processes with Microsoft 365.

We’d like to share our industry insights with you, in our online workshop specifically for businesses with teams of delivery drivers, service engineers, and other remote and mobile workers.

During this free 1-hour workshop, you will:

  • Discover how to save time automating business processes – from simple spreadsheet-based data-exchange tasks, through to interacting with multiple existing third party applications.
  • Learn how to organize and communicate with your mobile workforce more efficiently
  • Get to ask us your questions about automation and schedule management

This is a live, fully interactive online workshop for a small number of attendees.


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