Accounting Efficiencies – Automated Document Processing, Using AI


Learn how your Team can automate labour intensive document processing tasks, using accessible and familiar Microsoft tools.

If your organisation is using Microsoft 365, chances are you’re not yet maximising the technology to its full potential.

Most businesses don’t realise how powerful and useful their existing tools can be—especially when it comes to productivity and efficiency gains.

During this webinar, we will showcase real-world examples that we have worked on with other Accounting and Finance departments:

  • Using the Microsoft Power Automate application, we will demonstrate how to take invoice documents received via email attachment and train an AI model to recognise relevant fields of interest.
  • We will show you how to extract and move relevant data from PDFs and images files to other areas such as email, Excel or even into your line-of-business applications
  • Setup notifications, trigger additional workflows and apply Power Apps to simplify user processing.
  • Identify tangible time and cost savings across your team – by implementing a variety of automated document processes.
  • Explore other different use case scenarios with our team – to find how we can improve productivity in your organisation.

Utilize help professional services organisations to modernize the way they use technology, solving business challenges using the many features of Microsoft 365.

We’d like to share our knowledge with you in this interactive workshop that we’ve developed specifically for Accountancy and Finance departments.

During our free 1-hour workshops, you will also:

  • Learn what innovative industry newcomers are doing to re-skill staff, automate their processes and create better customer experiences
  • Have the opportunity to ask us questions about automation and workflow streamlining

This is a live, fully interactive online workshop for a small number of attendees.



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