Is your business equipped to support remote working? Now is the time to consider how you can leverage the available technology.

Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Author: Robert Ward

The key challenge facing UK businesses today is ensuring your business remains operational whilst staff continues to work from home. Now that we have been aware that this period of enforced remote working has been extended, you must consider how you can ensure that you keep your business working efficiently when your staff are confined to their home?

There are a number of barriers to successful remote working; device flexibility, connectivity, security, communication breakdowns to name but a few. However, with the right technology stack in place, the vase majority of UK employees can work from without their own or the businesses productivity being affected.

Although there are a number of technologies that can support remote working, the majority are expensive, time-consuming to be deployed, with a steep learning curve.

However, there are standout options you should consider, and may already be using – a complete set of applications and technologies that lend themselves to flexible working.

Microsoft offers you and your employees the ultimate set of tools to work effectively and collaboratively, securely keeping your business operational throughout this period of flexible working. Applications from Microsoft such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint offer the ultimate set of tools to streamline communication, improve productivity, and alleviate the common issues found when working from home.

To discover the latest technology that is available to support your remote workers, read our FREE guide.

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