Don’t get phished!

Posted: Monday, November 26, 2018

Author: Rob Ward

30% emails are opened within 4 minutes of receipt. That tells us that, in some ways, we have an efficient workforce, keen to respond quickly but what if that email has been sent by a criminal that wants you to give them your personal details or to download malware?

Phishing emails, those with nefarious intent, have become one of the most talked about threats in cyber security and organisations need to act quickly to protect themselves against them.

The 3 reasons why someone opens a phishing email:

  1. they are being efficient
  2. they are under pressure to work quickly and do not have time to stop and think
  3. the email contains a compelling message that sounds and looks genuine

These are genuine reasons for opening a phishing email – businesses cannot blame an employee who does so. Instead, use the very latest technology to detect and prevent phishing emails ever reaching your workforce. Combine technology with training and you can build a strong defence against the majority of attacks. For guidance, read our latest report about phishing and spear phishing – it’s packed with great advice and some useful examples of how to spot a phishing attack.

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